Here’s an interesting story about the world-famous musician, David Bowie: in the very beginnings of his career, he used to perform at small gigs where he would reach early and hand audiences his pictures so they remember how he looked like and came to see his performance. By today’s sleek marketing standards, this seems outdated, but Bowie used what he had in means to give himself some publicity, which is inspirational.

Of course, everyone knows what happened to David Bowie after as he skyrocketed to fame but right now, as a business, you might be in your beginner stage, and like Bowie, you need to invest in a Marketing strategy as well. Without this initial, small attempt, Bowie wouldn’t be a household name after all. Similarly, if you want to sell, and if you want growth, you too need to plan your marketing. At Centurion Consulting, we are always happy to advise you.

Why Your Business Needs Marketing


Setting objectives and working in a synchronized manner is critical when you want to achieve something important. If you lack a Marketing strategy for your business, how can you and your team work as one? If you’re all scattered, working to accomplish various goals and handling tasks as they arrive, it affects the organization as a whole. Marketing is a team collaboration; as football players come up with playing tactics to make sure they always get to the goal, in the same way, when you and your team members have a strategy on marketing your products/services, your organization works better.


When you don’t have a plan, you can’t evaluate which marketing tools work best for your products and services. If you don’t have a marketing plan, then you don’t have a plan for price points, customer data analysis, etc. With a marketing plan, you and your team can maintain and manage such elements. You’ll now be able to leverage every aspect of marketing, maximize your ROI for each decision and improve productivity.


Lastly, a solid marketing strategy is important for the growth of your business. Without a good marketing plan, it is likely that your company will get trapped in a familiar bad cycle. Perhaps, you already know about it:

You push your marketing efforts for some weeks. It works mostly, and you manage to bring in more orders, customers, etc. Then you change your focus to satisfying your customers from marketing. Finally, those customers part and you’re back to the drawing board—creating another campaign.

Of course, your business can sustain this way, but it won’t grow. Unless you learn how to both serve the market and customers together, you’ll just be running in place. A good marketing strategy, meanwhile, will make it simpler for your employees to be harmonious with your company’s marketing efforts.

Final Word

Painting your van or setting up the website can be largely inexpensive but if you want better awareness, you will need to invest. A lot of small businesses don’t want to invest in marketing because they rather spend it on production. But without awareness, who will buy your products or services? Therefore, you need some investment in marketing. And it doesn’t have to empty your whole pocket. With Centurion Consulting, get the relevant advice to meet your business objective. 


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