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You’d never venture off into the wild without a map, so why is starting a business any different? Trying to find your way through the unknown without a plan is a one-way ticket to wasted time and money.

Presenting her business plan

Through our business planning solutions, the Centurion Consulting team can assist you in developing a comprehensive, clear, and actionable business plan UAE. This way, you’ll have a clear-cut strategy for getting from where you are to where you want to be. Plus, a professional business plan will increase your eligibility for business loans and other external investments.

Business Planning Consultants in UAE provide a range of services to entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners who require assistance in developing effective business plans. They offer comprehensive Business Plan Writing, Consulting, and Development services, which include the creation of business plans, financial forecasting, market research, and analysis, as well as providing Business Plan Templates, Software, and Samples.

These consultants work closely with their clients to understand their business goals and objectives, and then create customized plans that align with their vision. They assist entrepreneurs in identifying their target markets, developing marketing strategies, and forecasting financial projections. Additionally, they provide guidance on the Business Plan Format, ensuring that the plan is clear, concise, and well-organized.

Whether the client is starting a new business or seeking to expand an existing one, Business Planning Consultants in UAE are equipped with the expertise and experience to create successful business plans that meet the needs of their clients. Their services enable entrepreneurs to develop a strong foundation for their business, increase their chances of securing funding, and ensure that they are well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

How our Business Plans have assisted clients

Restaurants and Cafes

Our business plan services UAE helped a new restaurant owner set up their business successfully. We assisted the client in creating a detailed business plan that included

We also provided guidance on how to plan for their cash flows and how to structure the business.. The restaurant was able to open on time and on budget and was able to achieve profitability within the first year of operations.

Food Products Distribution Company

Our business plan services UAE helped a client set up a successful food distribution company. We worked closely with the client to understand their goals and objectives, and used that information to create a comprehensive business plan that included

We also provided guidance on how to optimize the financial resources , and how to structure the business.. Thanks to our help, the client was able to successfully launch their business on time and grow multiple fold times over the past 5 years.

E-Commerce Business Plans

We worked closely with the client who wanted to set up an e-commerce platform and understood their goals and objectives, and used that information to create a comprehensive business plan UAE that included

The client was able to secure the necessary funding and successfully launch their e-commerce business on time.

Business Plan for Proprietary Trading

We assisted the client in creating a detailed business plan that included:
We helped them understand the costs involved in setting up and running a proprietary trading firm, and provided guidance on how to secure funding.. We also assisted in suggesting many options of portfolio management and their risks and rewards and the options which would ensure safety of capital investments and yield consistent returns along with high risk and high yield investments to enable them to understand the implications of such business.

Biodegradable Plastic industry

Our business plan services helped a client set up a new biodegradable plastic industry. We assisted the client in creating a detailed business plan that included
We helped them understand the cost structure of producing biodegradable plastic, the target market, and the competition. Once the plan was developed. The company was able to secure funding and launched their business on time and on budget.

We have worked on feasibility reports of many industries including setting up of

Gold Bars

Gold Refinery

Womens' jewelry

Gold Jewelry Manufacturing unit

handmade empty ceramics

Ceramic Ware Manufacturing

Artisans in Manufacturing. Cropped shot of craftsman working at his workstation

Furniture Manufacturing

Different vegetables on wooden background

Food Processing Units

We also specialize in developing Regulatory Business Plans as required by various regulatory authorities for clients seeking approval from the regulators.
Our the past 10 years in UAE we have worked on over 100 Business Plans and Feasibilities studies and have successfully seen them being implemented and profitably grow.

Business Plan Packages

Parameter Basic Company Profile Standard Business Plan Detailed Business Plan
Executive Summary Included Included Included
Industry Analysis Included Included Included
Market Analysis Included Included Included
Competitive Analysis Included Included Included
Business Model Included Included Included
Infrastructure/Resource Planning and Assessment Not Included Included Included
Sales and Marketing Strategy Not Included Included Included
Operational Plan Not Included Included Included
Management Team Included Included Included
Financial Projections Not Included Included Included
Financial Analysis Not Included Not Included Included
Implementation Plan and Timelines Not Included Not Included Included
Investor Presentation (ppt) Not Included Included Included
No of Pages Report 8-10 pages 15-20 pages 40 pages +
No of Revisions 1 2 3
Price inclusive of taxes starts @ AED 4,999 AED 12,999 AED 18,999
Delivery time lines 5 working days 3 working weeks 5 working weeks
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1. Executive summary: A brief overview of the plan, including the business concept, target market, and financial projections.
Industry analysis: A comprehensive overview of the industry, including market size, growth trends, and key players.
3. Market analysis: Information on the target market, including demographics, purchasing habits, and potential customers.
4. Competitive analysis: A comparison of the company's products and services to those of its competitors.
5. Business model: A description of the company's revenue streams, pricing strategies, and membership options.
6. Infrastructure and Resource planning : A description of the project’s facilities, including location, size, layout, and equipment and other infrastructure needed to start the project.
7. Sales and marketing strategy: Information on how the company plans to promote and sell its products, including pricing strategy and distribution channels. Information on how the company plans to promote and sell its services, including social media, advertising, and referral programs
8. Operations plan: A detailed description of the company's logistics and supply chain, including information on inventory management, production and delivery schedules, and quality control
9. Management and staffing: Information on the key personnel who will run the business, including their qualifications and experience, and the staffing requirements for the studio.
10. Financial projections: Detailed financial information, including projected income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. Revenue Models, Cost models, Sales and Marketing Budgets, Resource Costs, Pricing Analysis.
11. Financial Analysis : Detailed ratio analysis including Break Even Analysis, sensitivity analysis, and valuation using DCF.
12. Implementation and milestones: A description of the specific steps the company will take to achieve its goals, including timelines and milestones that will be used to measure progress.
** Please Note: Terms and Conditions Apply
1. Customized proposal shall be given for each engagement after evaluating the scope of work.
2. Prices may subject to change in case of any additional request or deviation from the proposed package.
3. Delivery will depend on the inputs shared and the revert time as agreed by the clients.
4. In case of unforeseen delay from the clients end – the project shall not be kept open beyond 2 weeks of the designated timelines.
5. Payment terms as applicable.
6. Only Financial Model Packages also available on request.

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