It is safe to say that you are taking a significant part of this period aka summers off? Are you struggling to do what you must and trying hard to prop your business up, or dragging yourself forward lethargically to improve sales? An occasional break most likely fits directly into your arrangement if you’re running a family business. For entrepreneurs who wish to scale his or her business it’s time to evaluate how the business has done in the previous 6 months and revaluating their business plans and marketing strategies for the rest of the year.
Summer provides you with this opportunity when business is usually slow and how entrepreneurs can best use this time to revamp and summer clean their business issues. While still allowing the entrepreneur to take a short break to rejuvenate and come back to business with more vigor and vitality , fully charged to take the business to next level. Ideally, you need to additionally stretch out beyond the routine  to win the summer game. Here are a couple of thoughts by Centurion Consulting that may help:
Upping the summer game #Like A Boss:
Update and Re-Evaluate your Business Plan 
With the Six months period completed already and summer setting in, in its full glory – it’s time to review the business plan vis a vis the performance and update your business plan for the future six months. This exercise done during summer will help you to realistically evaluate your overall targets and budgets for the rest of the year. Centurion can assist you with this while you take your summers off.
Update your mar-com plan
Marketing and advertising plans and sales strategy are not proposed to be evergreen; they should be dynamic. As the sun is set to rise and stay, measure the accomplishment of every technique, and fix or change what isn’t working. Try to remain current with your alternatives in the consistently changing trends, and return to your client’s needs with a bang. 
Work on your online presence
Some entrepreneurs don’t make enough time for online advertising while doing their market research. In case your endeavors in social aren’t working well, you’re off the online brand game. As per HubSpot, 92 per cent advertisers demonstrated that their internet life endeavors have produced a better image of their organization. Take a couple of online courses yourself if you must or just hire an expert this summer. 
Make a media plan 
Each business profits by a great PR, yet numerous business visionaries have no clue how to get before on the table. Contact business people you’ve found in the press and ask them how they did it. There’s nothing better than summers to do this indoor job.
Prep up for your post-summer plan
Do you have a bustling season ahead? Recollect and consider the things that impede your essential concentration during that time. Make a rundown of routine assignments and duties you more often than not have during your bustling time post the summers. Do what you can to pre-plan.
When summers drain you out:
Tune Out 
Sometimes, blocking out is vital to tuning in. Regardless of whether you accomplish this by putting your telephone away for a couple of hours, keeping your email off your telephone totally, or working on something like meditation, tuning out enables you to think better. Later on, when you return to your updated  business plan, you’ll be able to work all the more keenly, as opposed to simply making an insincere effort. 
Get productive in a non-business way
Utilize your available time to make something altogether non-business related. This can be connected throughout the entire year, yet can be particularly useful in the summers, when the sun is sucking you out. 
Final word:
This implies that it’s vital as well as possible to maintain a strategic outlook during the summer droop. It might appear to be a tough accomplishment, however, with a couple of accommodating tips, you can stretch out beyond the grim acts of the sun. That way, you can have a ton of fun and be productive at the same time. 
Give your business a fresh breather and relook by updating your business plan and reworking on your marketing strategies.
Wishing a productive summer!!!!


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