As most business owners already know, VAT stands for Value Added Tax which is an indirect tax imposed on the supply of goods and services in the UAE. All Businesses need to be compliant with the tax filing rules and regulations. 

The introduction of any new tax at large scale always brings with it unknown challenges.  Value Added Tax in UAE has had its impact on the operations of big and small businesses. Thanks to the large business consulting and financial consulting community, business owners could hire VAT consultancy Service to ensure business compliance. 

Why do you need VAT Consulting for your business?

By retaining the services of a VAT consultancy you can go about your business without getting stressed about VAT management as this decision will save you a great deal of time. VAT Experts are updated about the latest changes in compliance rules and regulations and are well-tuned into the latest and anticipated developments. VAT professionals will assist you in setting up systems and processes for filing your taxes on time, attend to or address your internal team queries about VAT and address communication with the VAT department in case of any queries. They will ensure you adhere to the given deadlines and make the payment due to the government to avoid late fees and / or penalties.  your business expands internationally, the needs for better tax and financial management can keep you bogged down and away from the more crucial business areas that you need our attention too and this is where a smaller team with a consultant could be your solution. 

Besides VAT advisory services, some VAT consultants who are part of a larger business consulting company also offer a wider range of services such as auditing, bookkeeping, and corporate financial planning. A group of Consulting Experts can assist you with making the right decisions noy just about VAT but other aspects of your business which may have direct or indirect implications on your VAT compliances. business consulting company

The key responsibilities of a vat consultant may differ from case to case. Some of the prime responsibilities of a VAT consultant include:

Broadly speaking a VAT consultant can help you by ensuring compliance with VAT laws, help you avoiding VAT penalties, act as an advisor for VAT related transactions, and make the VAT process hassle-free for you. That said, VAT has many long-term benefits like efficient accounting systems and better business efficiency.  

Let’s have a quick look at benefits of having a VAT consultant in UAE

  • A consultant saves you time and money by allowing you to focus on business areas you are good at. 
  • Having a VAT consultant means you can plan your business better even before you get started.  You have an experienced resource to get you started with vat, right from the VAT registration stage. 
  • Exposure to multiple businesses allows consultants to handle myriad problems and these add to the consultants knowledge and such experience of working with all of the GCC’s rules and processes  is highly valuable. 
  • A professional VAT provider is also a professionally educated and trained individual offering the best financial operations to the company. 
  • A VAT expert is well-versed in all areas of VAT, as well as any new developments in the UAE’s VAT legislation. You need not keep tabs on this aspect of taxation once you have hired the services of a VAT consultant.  
  • VAT experts in the UAE will help you keep records, and set up string systems minimising the risk of data tampering and taking all necessary precautions and safeguards to ensure compliance.

Now that you know why your business needs VAT consultancy services, here are a few factors that you need to keep in mind while hiring  a VAT consultant.

Now that you know why your business needs VAT consultancy services, here are a few factors that you need to keep in mind while hiring  a VAT consultant.

Major factors to consider before hiring a VAT consultant

The points that one must consider while looking for a good VAT consultant for their business in UAE are as follows:

  • Depth of knowledge about tax laws

The laws applicable to VAT can be complicated for many. A qualified VAT consultant with in-depth knowledge of VAT laws will deliver the right advice. In addition, VAT consultants who are conversant with international tax calculations can be a major asset for companies involved in imports and exports. 

  • Experience in the tax industry

VAT consultants help in executing planning and reporting for the client company. Proper planning and reporting are essential for achieving compliance. 

  • Impact Analysis and Due Diligence

A VAT consultant includes the conduction of impact analysis and due diligence. Therefore, a company hiring a consultant should make sure that the candidate is qualified in dealing with these concepts.  

They shall help to analyze the impact of VAT, and include a company’s expenses, cash flow, and operations. 

  • VAT Services

A VAT consultancy service should offer computation, registration, refund consultancy, etc.

Since VAT services are a recent introduction in the UAE, it is advisable for all businesses to hire a VAT consultant. Not only will the work be more efficient and error free, but the business owners will not have to worry about an important aspect of running a successful business.


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